Ecson Technology Co.,Ltd

Ecson-Tech is a privately-owned corporation specializing in invest and management supporting across mechanism,plastic,baby products,environment products related industries.

Key Information:

Founded: 2006
Activity: Investment and management
Location: Xiamen,China
Accreditation: ISO9001:2008

Ecson Technology Co.,Ltd

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Ecson Tech Co.,Ltd is a privately-owned corporation
Specializing in quality-focused investment and management.
Supporting innovative companies across mechanism,plastics,baby products and biodegradable related industries.
The available and values demonstrated include innovation design.
Manufacturing excellence,personal development,quality control,marketing and customer service.
Ecson Tech Co.,Ltd located in Xiamen,China.With invested factories who were trained the quality requirement to meet each customers’standard.

· Innovative product design
· Manufacturing excellent and make sure in time delivery
· Help customer manufacture the item just in mind and make it come true.
· Quality culture throughout the group,the manufactures all ISO9001:2008 enterprise
· Shareholder investment in innovative solutions and designs-profits continuously reinvest In company to increase productivity,standards of quality and flexibility