Ecson Bio Technology Co.,Ltd

OEM customer brand bio products

Key Information:

Founded: 2016
Activity: bio material research and development
Location: Southern China
Accreditation: ISO9001:2008

Ecson Bio Technology Co.,Ltd

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Ecson Bio Tech Co.,Ltd specialized in innovation and development of environment eco friendly biodegradable plastics and fully naturalproducts resource&cooperation for service human being and save the world .With their manufacturing facilities in Southern China ,the products Export to more than 45countries worldwide, supported by a network of exclusive distributors.Our designers are very experience in the industry.All products are new in the market,many of them are patent approval.Ecson also assist customers make their own design,with their own logo and packing they like to growth their brand.Notes:We assure all the packing are compatible material as well.We offer flexible service and ensuring products excellent to keen customer brand growing.

The pollution of the world murdering our life,"LESS PLASTIC"become a very important we do for protect our earth!"LESS PLASTICS,LET US DO MORE TOGETHER!"